Thursday, February 21, 2013

I'm Jeffrey Johnston and this is my blog. Many people already know me as “Highdef Jeff”, a troubleshooter, a problem solver, and the author of:

The WOWVision! HDTV Picture Quality Help Guide
If Your HDTV doesn't make you say WOW!!!"

Over ¼ of a million times in the past, the WOWVision website was referenced in hopes of improving the quality of HDTV picture. Many people and installers have benefited from the information contained on the WOWVision website. Due to circumstances beyond my control, the WOWVision website disappeared from the web.

Thankfully, I have recovered most of the information contained in the website and will begin to reprint the information here on this blog. BECAUSE digital just isn't “all-or-nothing” and if your HDTV doesn't make you say “WOW!”, then something is wrong. If you are still wondering why your HDTV doesn't look as good as some you've seen, then you've come to the right place!!! Stick around for awhile and revisit often as I reprint the WOWVision! Website.

Here's a tip: Get a Vizio and save your money. Vizio has been my top choice for quality and savings. 

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